Vietnamese woman and girl What kind of like?

Vietnamese woman and girl What kind of like?

Vietnamese women look beautiful also the inside. My heart will rise to the splendor Knowing the woman of Vietnamese once.The following is a figure of Vietnamese women who are commonly referred to.


Vietnamese girl is slender. 

Style is good anyway. Skin glimpse from the ao dai, thus taking away the eye ….



Vietnamese girls is sincere

If you are walking around the city, and then can see the women working hard often. The figure to work with a smile make people’s feeling good.



Vietnamese girls don’t smoke

In the habit of Vietnam, because it does not see a good eye women who smoke, there are no women who smoke really. The woman who smoke probably has any problem ?

Vietnamese Girls are not to drink in public.

This is also the same reason as smoking. They ask for juice in karaoke So. But really, they can drink a lot of liquor. However some women don’t care around so much in recent years.

Vietnamese women work in Karaoke are almost College students


Majority of the girls who work in Karaoke are almost college students of 18-25years old. They work as a part-time job in order to earn for supporting family and for study foreign language. So they think to work in Karaoke is the best study location and also be able to earn money.


Vietnamese girl’s shy, but friendly.


Why the popular Vietnamese woman. In addition to beauty of appearance, it is their character. Kindly to anyone, and friendly. So they often ask our number suddenly, and sometimes they become tourist guide for us.

I was not able to introduce all of their beauty here, I hope you to see with your own eyes and feeling. You probably meet great moment like it will change your life…

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