Episode 1 Ao dai girls I saw for the first time.

Don’t watch real ao dai girl

- Episode 1 – Ao dai girls I saw for the first time

Ao dai girls I saw for the first time.
I do not remember even the name of the shop to do now, but it gave me who unrelated to the world of night the impression.

First day that I arrived to Hanoi Vietnam. A senior in work took me Karaoke by force.
Appearance is decorated with neon, while there is something wrong with the Japanese sign that I saw in a foreign country, my heartbeat was getting faster irresistibly.
Upon entering the store, I was overwhelmed by the sight of the former.

” Irasshai Mase! ”
” Irasshai Mase! ”
” Irasshai Mase! ”
(English; welcome!)

Broken Japanese is there, and then a lot of Vietnamese girls wearing pure white ao dai had watched us.
I felt embarrassed strangely and I was not able to face squarely.

It is a standard building of 4F ~ 5F denominated in the making of many Vietnamese karaoke bar, that there is room for private room by two on each floor. Only at the counter are often 1F, room number’s 6-8 rooms in general.

Our group has been passed to a room that was written on the door “VIP” in the 2F.
(VIP is often used the way in Vietnam, but just just a slightly bigger than the other rooms, the price is the same)

After a while, the door was knocked and the woman came in the room and she said “Konbanwa~(Good evening)” fluently in Japanese language. After follow her ao dai girls who were in just we met the first were lined on front of us.
The number of people was over to 10.

” Please choice your lady. ”

The woman looked like Manager gave signal by hand, and girls started to appeal towards a smile.
When I have sheepishly, I am prompted to senior. So I have been a selected slender woman in a hurry.
Ao dai girls went out of the room hurriedly. Some girls still stayed in there and they sat on my senior.

The name of the girl that I choose was named Ha.
I was surprised she to hold my right arm when she sat on next.
And remember from the slit of white ao dai, and had visible bare skin and her clean constriction. I mean I do not remember most of it only.
I could not be excitement. We had not so much conversation. I had smelled her sexy fragrance.

There was karaoke, but anyone didn’t sing as one, but everyone were enjoying the conversation at a distance of be able to feel breath of each partners.

When we enjoyed an hour, Ms. Ha has asked me the phone number in simple English.
I got misunderstanding which I thought she must been in love with me, I taught a number.
But I did not have a local mobile phone number cause that day is my first Vietnam day, I taught mobile number which was brought from Japan.

We checked payment about 23:00, and called Taxi.
Girls say good-bye for us, but some girls had already changed their clothes to come back home.

In the taxi on the way back, vibration of mobile taught the arrival of short mail.

Do you meet tomorrow? Let’s go to Van Mieu together. Ha. (by English)

It was written so, but I closed the mail without talking to anyone. Because I did not know what is the Van Mieu, also I did not have the courage to take a step.

[Episode 1 Ao dai girls I saw for the first time

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