Episode 2 Country girl who knocked the door of the nightclub.

Don’t watch real ao dai girl

- Episode 2 – Country girl who knocked the door of the nightclub

Prostitution club called Night Club exists in Hanoi.

Colleagues he had used well here, but I had refused to go to there because I had heard the story there is sex establishment.
However, the day came to return home cause colleague finished the term of work, and he invited to me there for his farewell party.
And that day was to overturn the impression of my Vietnam.

Nightclub that had been attached to a certain hotel in the.
In has become a large hall, and arranged a number of sofas, live band was playing on stage.
Private room, which is provided karaoke, is provided on the right and left sides of the hall, there is also available at extra charge.

All customers are foreigner; they let ladies who dressed laid bare skin line on the sofa.
They were doing they want. Kissing, touching the breast of lady also hips with drinking.

Colleagues and whispering to man boy looked like something, we were invited to a private room karaoke.
After a few minutes, many women come in just like karaoke bar.
But it had been different, had a tag that was written were numbered in the breast of them.

” Because show girls only one time, you remember the number If you have a favorite girls. ” (English)
Middle-aged woman looked like manager had to say.

About 10 girls are entered at one time, and they obtain our offer, it was replaced with other groups one after the other if there is no offer.

I noted to the paper the numbers of persons, but I had not felt exciting cause women were not young comparison with karaoke, The women of the 30s late 20s the year is clearly.

After about 5,60 people saw, “not a girl anymore, and decided early ” Manager came and reminds us.
Finally, there were two women’s numbers in my paper. Breast is large in the slender one, woman likely popular indeed. And one other person is a woman of shortcut downcast under.

My colleagues will tell the number first. But among them, one of my colleagues chooses the woman who I noted. So I selected a shortcut woman.

Each colleague had begun to enjoy. Playing the game, Pushing down woman on the sofa, but the woman sat next to me had kept silence from beginning to end. When I am in trouble she is no reaction even asked in English and Japanese, another woman said.

” She is a fresh. So she can’t understand English and Japanese ”

Then the shortcut woman told something in Vietnamese to the woman. But she ignored this and kissed my colleagues.

To understand the situation, I will try a conversation using a simple English. But there were Vietnamese who doesn’t know even Yes also No, my heart is about to break indeed. But I borrowed the dictionary a friend had put on the table, and began to communicate somehow.

The name was Van. Age is (found to be 27 years later) 23 years old; I found the only that thing she is not from Hanoi.
Conversation stopped again and just had spent time to waste. When time was around 11 o’clock in the evening, colleagues said suddenly.

” What will you do? Will you take that girl to home? ”

Because it had become the atmosphere of the usual karaoke, unintentionally, “What?” I’ve answered that. But I remember that this is a prostitution club. But I said no, another woman confirmed something to Van, And she said to me.

” She wants to go to you Hotel. What will you do? ”

I confirmed to Van by gesture. “Do you want to go to my hotel?” She nodded “yes”.
But I was still thinking at that time.

While we were checking payment, ladies were waiting something from us.
Colleague said.

” Oh, give them some chips about 2 or 300,000VND if you feel boring. 4 or 500,000VND If you are satisfied with. ”
I understood a reason why they let us touching or kissing.

Total fee I paid is $ 65 or so. I remember $20 drink (including girls), $25 request fee of girls, chips was 500,000VND. Colleague paid rent of karaoke.

(System of nightclub has changed now, seems be charged $50 for hotel room, $100 for that lady to do something.)

If after finished payment, the girls go out of the room by turning the arm to each partner.
At that time I don’t know why but the body was doing so natural. I took out a card of my hotel that had been keeping in a wallet. I wrote the phone number and pass it to Van and quickly. She was not seem to be surprised, and smiled at the first time.

And after leave the store, my colleagues sit down on the sofa in the lobby of the hotel
” Wait here while girls change clothes. I mean. Did you take hotel that girl? ”

I answered “no” and shook my head.
In fact, I did not know whether she comes or not, and also because I did not know what I want to.

After a few minutes, some women wore casual clothes came, but Van was not in there after all.
I got into a taxi with a colleague of another person that did not take woman.

Return to the hotel, turn on a television and take the shower.
When remembering the events of today, and relax, my cell phone rang.

But I kept leaving phone to I think that advertising mail usual.

At that time, the phone is equipped in the room rang loudly.
It was call from the front, and he said

” Lady coming to you… ”

[Episode 2 Country girl who knocked the door of the nightclub -end-]

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