Episode 3 Massage Girl.

Don’t watch real ao dai girl

- Episode 3 – Massage Girl

There is a lot of massage shop in Vietnam. And various types exist from massage of tourism, trendy spa, for the local people and for expatriates, to sex massage. Write this column, as it is the story of a Vietnamese girl who I met in massage shop for the expatriates.

As an expatriate, I was living in serviced apartments for foreigners. The price is $ 1,500 per month. Furniture bath, toilet, kitchen counter, standard furniture had been aligned with the room of 1LDK. , With breakfast included, and cleaning for there are employees of the apartment, and they will do all the laundry. There is also a gym in the pool was also included. However sounds very good when I write like this, but the reality is breakfast poorly dried out, no one use dirty pool, laundry gone missing, return underwear I do not know. Finally, which is written in felt-tip pen the room number on the tag of the clothes on their own. It was a series of stress every day.

But it was a massage shop was near the apartment I only have had to use frequently under such circumstances. Foreign expatriates were the most customer bases, but the Vietnamese also had come once in a while. 2 floor building, it was not so cleanliness, but also not so dirty. I was guided to the private room massage lady of three or four are waiting to go to the second floor after I finished the reception on the first floor. It cannot be nominated because I could not speak Vietnamese language at that time.

Foot massage ‘s many massage of tourism, but this shop had the course of only one body massage; there was (about 4.5usd) 90,000 VND 1 hours. Story swerve, many shops show “Vietnam traditional massages” on the their signboard often, it is not recommended personally. The reason is because not feel good at all. This type massage is not such as accumulated stress, stretch, acupressure. It is scratched the body, or pulled the skin of the back, ridden by heavy body…Leave a bitter taste in the mouth after all they are require chipping.

And this shop was the traditional massage typical. Why many expatriates went there often? Because why it was another point

Girls of massage of the store were wearing a uniform. It was strangely erotic. They wore in polo shirt and mini skirt. I could watch something of her during treatment. When I came to this shop for the first time, I closed eyes because I thought banned looking at her body well. I wonder time is about a 45-minute from starting uncomfortable massage. When I was thinking not to come again here. Massage girl began stroking the lower abdomen from my thighs suddenly. And she has seen much my face. And because that’s what the situation continues for a long time, I also whether the array of rumors by chance is this? In order to check, I said in Vietnamese of freshly remember.

” Bao nhu tien? ” (How much?)

Then the girl of massage put up two fingers. 200 000VND. When I shook my head to deny the chip request that is higher than the course of the massage, it was price cut down to 100 000VND in the end. Treatment was a kind of hand job, but it was good to pass the time.

One day, I go to the shop of the massage as usual, massage girl of feeling a little chubby 20-year-old about with me. I do not remember the name, but a large chest was impressive.

I finished the treatment of normal course, it becomes suitable time of special, but it was an unusual at that time. She seemed to remember that I went to the store shop times apparently. She also knew the name of the apartment. Then take out the mobile, she asked my number.

And then she said in broken English, “I want to go to the your room tonight.” I taught the number of the room and the number.
After all massage is over without special, but I paid special chip to her. And I decided to wait for tonight.

21:00. Light of the shop of massage that was visible from the apartment disappeared. I checked the mobile phone.
I wait more and more, but she didn’t come even the call was not.

Finally I gave up around the 0:00, it had gotten shocked to fool yourself.
I analyze calmly at this situation, Cause was that I gave chip so much and also I did not understand the irresponsible of the Vietnamese. She was told Japanese foolish men it.

But I sworn never do same mistake again in Vietnam life. I was repeating the same thing many times.
[Episode 3 Massage Girl -end-]

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