Episode 4 A brothel back of shutter.

Don’t watch real ao dai girl

- Episode 4 – A brothel back of shutter

There is a place where I may not go again in my life.

It is that of a day of Saturday. Company I worked with about 100 people Vietnamese staffs held the party.
The eating traditional Vietnamese food, and drink several glasses of a weak beer. Local staffs seem fun, but almost Japanese want to comeback as soon as possible and feel like a date with karaoke a girl actually. It also same other colleagues, so some Japanese began to return home early.

Japanese the remaining was only two, my boss and I. But he was old man always playfully and age is 50’s, he was popular from the staff.

It is time the party becomes late, it has become an atmosphere of dissolution. My boss came by my side and said.

” After this, How about brothel place? ”

He look at me with smile. It is also a time of day now, I thought it would be about massage, so I accept.
Then some local staff also came to my side and said.

” Ride on my behind of bike ”

I thought my boss asked to local staff to take us to some kind of brothel place. Even I amazed middle, started running in five bikes.

I think about an hour taken. The way, there is also a scene where a staff even get lost, it seemed to come quite to the south of Hanoi.

There was a drab place. There was wasteland in weedy facing the road, and there were the houses of Vietnam got off the shutter opposite.

When we stop the bike to the wasteland, one of the staff is off the bike and went to the one house. There are no signboard in there. When he call out, the shutter is opened a little. My staff was talking with someone apparently, but the person is not visible to the figure from this place.

After talking, the staff gave us sign by his hand.
Our group was about eight, but except of that staff who guided me, all of the staff sat down at a teashop.

Than I had thought, man of Vietnam seems to be serious apparently. Most was the man has wife and children. I came into the house along with the boss.

And there…

There was a girl of four or five on the back of the shutter.

It is also young. I wonder about the age of 20? It was a figure that can be satisfied even if it is said to be a teenager, but I do not know truth.

On the wall of exposed brick just chair was only arranged in, but there is still more to the back, stairs looked.

Look at this situation, I had been realized here is not a normal massage shop.

Expected to hit. Yes, this was the brothel hotel of Vietnam. It would be for Vietnamese people, but it is a dangerous zone completely. Shop not made a signboard and they seemed to care about the outside of the partition, the women also are wary somewhere.

But there is a boss slap-happy. He selected the girl and going up to the second floor. The staff told me that it is 300,000VND, but when I was thinking carefully, He also selected a girl, and going up too.

But I cared a girl with big glasses, She is young anyway. In addition, I never wanted to show my local staff my weaknesses thing. I came out of the shop, and walking to café shop other staff are chatting.

And then, staff said to me.

” You are so smart.”

I do not know the true meaning of this word. That was whether such as have the disease, such as from a crime, and such things working relationship.

At least, I do not regret the decision at that time.

It is because I loved the Vietnam simply.

[Episode 4 A brothel back of shutter -end-]

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