Episode 5 Mysterious pink neon in the Hanoi.

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Episode 5 – Mysterious pink neon in the Hanoi

Anyone who has ever been to Hanoi you open this page, you’ll already know. About shop has mysterious pink neon in the city.
It seems to have become a mind. But because Vietnamese man standing, appearance of the shop is also have only Vietnamese language signboard, it is too difficult to come in for foreigner. So there are many foreigner don’t know what is this shop. I have experienced a number of Vietnam culture, but, in fact, it is also a story of the most recent to come in the this pink neon shop.

How did I visit this shop was by chance really. I think I said that I have many people to me to sympathy, it was a simple story. I was the missed dating by a girl karaoke. The reason is ” to return country ” the usual. I want to anger ”inform me in advance”, but it is still a beginner level if you feel stress. If you were real master of Vietnam nightlife, such as be able to drink with other girl today! Such as let’s go to the VIP massage!, to be able fun this situation. So I thought to get lucky cause I am released from specific girl.

I grabbed the free time unexpected. And I caught a taxi to go to VIP massage. But I found that pink neon light in my eyes.
And a man was not there, it was easy to enter.

I felt something.

(Is not that a great chance you mean is not it?)

5-year Vietnam stay indeed. I can speak Vietnamese to some extent. I know better how to be self-defense. Appearance is not a dressy; there was a good chance to be seen as Vietnamese hopefully. And I set foot in the store.

” Anh là người nhật à? ” (Or Japanese?)

Watched out in only 3 seconds after enter the store.

” Uhm ” (Yeah)

I admitted.

Anyway showed up middle-aged woman in the mid- 30s. I think I ‘ll write the fact. As I see her is not a beautiful woman. But it was not important to me at that time. I wanted to know what is here in ahead anyway.

The woman invited me, there were two women further back to get inside. Time is evening, they were watching the TV and eating dinner. Inside, the partition of a simple cloth, such as use in hospitals, separated into three rooms, in the each space, single pipe bed lined only.

I tried to be calm down, and I heard the price calmly. Then women replied that it is 200,000VND. For my experience, when they say 200,000VND to foreigners, market price was 7-80,000VND actually. But it was not high price, I did not discount.

As soon as I am seated in bed, middle-aged women begin to take off my belt suddenly. Because it was that sudden, I stopped her hand, and I tried to ask what are there any other women. Then women who had a meal just appeared, middle-aged women who do the same as first, but one of them was a girl of 20′s obviously. But these two people are not my favorite completely. As a result of thinking carefully, I choose the middle-aged woman first.

About treatment, it was something kind of blow-job. It was like among special massage and nightclub. I talked a little bit with the woman. She taught me only that middle woman can play until last at this shop.

The price is a cheap and simple system, but it cannot expect the level of women. And risk of disease also very high. It is illegal more than anything.

After a few days, I have through the same road, I saw police officers were checking pink neon street. Women of the shop noticed it and close the shutter in a hurry, but it seemed there is also a shop that does not notice. And a man was entering the one shop at the moment. Police officers do not miss it of course, He was contacted by mobile phone something…

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