Episode 6 VIP massage girl who came from the South

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- Episode 5 – VIP massage girl who came from the South

Leave the old town, go the main street of Hanoi by taxi, it is possible to see of signboard that says massage VIP.
There is nothing incredibly VIP of Vietnam to say that. Use VIP for normal private rooms, and call VIP for just large room.

But what about. In fact here are bad girls makes expatriates exciting.
Using the whole House of 4-5 floors, the first floor is in the reception. The bellboy waits there and he will guide the customer.
Massage menu has been placed on the counter, and it is available at 250 – 400.000 VND person in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Most of shops of this kind have elevator in shop. And bellboy guide us to the private room upstairs, There were small bed, night table, closet, painting, bath, personal sauna has been equipped. That is “VIP” indeed.

Well, what really begins here.
It is the place where girls mini skirt let customer taking a bath, and massage.
And by personal negotiation of customers with a girl, you can touch her body and get treat some kind of hand job. Of course it is illegal. But the shop ignore to see. While treatment, the girl paying attention to the small window that was installed in the private room, and girl earns pocket money.
Chip is about 400-500,000VND.

I think I’m sorry to keep in described so much, I cannot recommend as a brothel. I lost interest after coming to know the contents actually.
After washed the body, I had to talk to a girl without massage or special treatment. And I had to collect the reality information of local.
I often talk to one girl well at that time, she worked in the VIP massage in the Hoan Quoc Viet Street.

She will no more now, but she was big eyes, light brown skin, shortcut hair and charming.
When we talked each other at the first time, I felt her Vietnamese pronounce is strange. ”Are you from Ho Chi Minh?” I asked, and she answered “yes”.

Since then, I become to understand the difference in the pronunciation of the northern and southern. And I noticed the girls work in brothel were from the south often.
She says, It is quickest to earn. But the words, ” She does not want to do too much, but no choice ” This word was the impressive for me in conversation.
She taught me to the other, there is a small window to the private room where the massage to police check inside, police have come many times in this shop ever, etc.

One day, you I bought a fan of Japan when I come back to Hanoi after finishing a temporary return to Japan. It was a cheap, but I remember her smile like a child.

But she said to return to Ho Chi Minh City soon, where is she now? Since then, I have come to that shop.
But I’m looking for a new greeting of the ao dai girl today.

[Episode 6 VIP massage girl who came from the South -end-]

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