Cherry Club

Shop name Cherry Club
Address 34 Bui Thị Xuan, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel 0973306830
Open 19:00-02:00am
Table charge 25usd
Girl 30 girls
Rooms 12 rooms, 4 big rooms for 20-30 people

• Present a whisky bottle for new 2 customers
• Set you can drink all you want. 40$
• Only Karaoke room service without lady 500,000vnd/person
• Day time karaoke 150,000vnd/1h.
• Delivery food service of Vietnam and Japanese restaurants is available.

Cherry’s club is on Hanoi center, nearby many famous spots such as Hoan Kiem lake , old quarter, Hoalo Prison memorial…Bun cha Hang Manh where Obama president visited.
Cherry club’s ladies could take you tour to visit around Hanoi.
Over 20 beautiful, kindly ladies always welcome you with smiles, can speak and sing Japanese and English, performs AKB 48 dance, sexy dance and belly dance.


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