How to enjoy Vietnam karaoke bar?

How to enjoy Vietnam karaoke bar?

Night out for the first time you’ll be nervous, especially if you are travel beginners. “I want to night out, but feel scared a little so can’t step forward”. I think such a person also whether there is many. I hope you can spend good nightlife. if you know the information in advance, you may not fail.


What is karaoke of Vietnam?

To tell it simply, It is a place to drink beer, sing song and talk with a beautiful young girl of Vietnamese! Private space (include Japanese karaoke system), you can enjoy at your own pace slowly.


Is it possible to do something sexual?

No. Sex industry has been banned in Vietnam


Pay money, How much about?, How about chip?

About total $50/person. Table charge $25 + your drink + girl’s drink fee $5/1drink. Don’t need chips. There is no time limit until close shop.


Can I touch girls?

It is NG basically. But often, Girls do massage for guest. So in some girl forgive you to touch hand or turn your hand on her hip !?


Does Karaoke have English songs?

Of course. The shop introduced high end Japanese Karaoke system. And also nice sound speakers!


Can vietnamese girls sing English song?

Sure. Girls work in shop are almost university students. So what for work in karaoke is to study foreign language too. To sing foreign country song is thier favorite thing.

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