How to buy Vietnam SIM and setting

How to buy Vietnam SIM and setting

Let’s buy a SIM first when you arrived at Vietnam.

I will introduce the SIM type, shop, price, how to set.


1.Select the phone line company

 mobifone vinaphone viettel are famous company in Vietnam. Other company network is difficult to connect, but these 3 company is all right as follow.

mobifonelogo vinaphone logo viettellogo


2.SIM shop

I guess airport is the best to buy sim because can use English and clerk working is smooth.

sim basho


If you already come into Hanoi city area, Please go to the official agency of phone line company with a passport. One of this shop is front of Big-c on Tran Duy Hung street.


There are a lot of SIM shop in local area, But it is difficult to buy for normal tourist because have to register your personal ID by Vietnamese Language.


3.You can choice number.

You can choice number when you buy SIM. 11 digits has become the current main number. The 10-digit number price is slightly higher cause rare. If you don’t like number, you can choice other one

写真 2013-08-16 9 47 37sim shop2


4.About Premier number

There are premier number in Vietnam(in Vietnamese số đẹp=beautiful number)。 For example 86(because it likes the sound that produce the money), under four digits include the birth year 1984,1999 are popular in Vietnam.

so dep

ex. 09.8686.8686(Vietnamese good number “86″)
01223-13.03.84(birth 13th,Mar.1984)
Basic lucky numbers 2,6,8,9
Basic unlucky numbers 3,4,7


5.How to set up SIM into your cellphone

It’s so easy to use SIM, only insert sim into your cellphone. It is a successful if you see phone company name on display.
※ Note.

So many people forgot their numbers.

There is seal written number on back of the SIM card (Not displayed in the SIM body!) . When you bought it, you should register into phonebook immediately.


6.How to charge?

refil card

Usually sim has free minutes call. But it’s too small, so you should buy refill card like picture above. However you probably not clear how much you should buy right? If you stay in Vietnam about 1week and use for only domestic area without internet about 100,000VND(about 5$). In case of using internet about 200,000VND(10$) is the best.

refiil back

○To charge SIM, scratch silver area on back, and dialing follow numbers

*100* + scratch numbers + #

ex. type *100*3459104965783# and dialing

If it is successfull you get message indicate expired date and charge fee.

○To comfirm remain balance, dialing 5 digits as follow. (important! Remember absolutely)。


ex. type *101# and dialing!

If it is successfull you get message indicate expired date and charge fee.


7.You can use for international calling too

In fact international calling is so cheap. If you need to call your country, you don’t need to worry so much.


If you want to use 3G internet, click this page too.↓

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