Super easy! Exchange of Vietnam currency!

Super easy! Exchange of Vietnam currency!

Let order small sum of money at airport exchange

If you exchange a large bill, you will receive the largest bill (50 million VND) in Vietnam almost, and then regret later. Because some people deny to receive big bill in case of Taxi, small shopping, cafe etc.. They always say ‘No change’.
So my best way is preparing some 50million VND, And other all exchange to 10 million or 50 thousand VND.
Let’s say exchange reception ‘small please!’

Vietnamese money has A lot of digits, it is also complicated because pattern is the same!

Especially it makes people confusing 500,000vnd and 20,000vnd for biginners


VND⇒Conversion to US dollars。” After taking four ’0′, divide by 2 “is easy to understand!

200000vnd(taking four ’0′) ⇒ 20(divide by 2) ⇒ about 10USD

Can exchange at Karaoke Bar!

If you want to exchange in Hanoi city, you can do it in Karaoke bar! Rate is not so high but it’s so convenience.
Even if you are drunk, you must check carefully! As you know, Vietnamese money is so complicated!

Exchange in Hotel

Exchange rate is the worst. Exchange at airport is the best way.

It is a good also to download the app can know the rate of overseas in real time.

[Supplementary Information]
In fact, you can exchange money at jewelry shop in Hanoi city. You can see signboard of ’9999′ written by gold and red colors. After you show money to clerk and give them, they will type current exchange rate. If you were OK, They will exchange it.

Rate is the highest, but it is illegal ….


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