Shop name Megami
Address 59 Trieu Viet Vuong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel 0987275867
Open 19:00-2:00
Table charge 25$
Girl 25 girls
Rooms 12 rooms/VIP room

★MEGAMI’s Special Service★
•Present whisky bottle for Group 4customers
•Set you can drink all you want. Unlimited time plan: 50$, 1 Hourly plan: 25$.
•You can reserve only Karaoke room without ladies.
•We sell rare alcohol drink sometimes.
•Akb48 cover Dance show, Sexy Dance show, Vietnam traditional Dance show by Megami’staff
• The first and only in Vietnam, Megami Club have Food Service. Customer can order and enjoy Food Menus from the famous Japanese Restaurants. Otherwise, Megami serve Pho and Noodles.
• Day time karaoke 170,000vnd/1h ※Reservations are required.
• Day time tour guide in Hanoi by lady: 50$.

★Bar Queen’s Special Service★
•Counter Charge: 180,000 VND
•Order by glass from 100,000 VND. You can keep bottle too.
•We prepare popular wine bottle’s list.
•We sell rare alcohol drink sometimes.
•Ladies can speak Japanese are waiting you.

An elevator which is unusual in Hanoi is installed in Megami! 25 girls who can speak Japanese and English are enrolled. On the second floor inside MEGAMI, the hidden bar “QUEEN” opens in December 2018. You can enjoy delicious liquor slowly alone or in groups!








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