Souvenir Gift Vietnamese woman is pleased

Souvenir Gift Vietnamese woman is pleased

When you become veteran resident, gifts for girls karaoke are Required! But everyone suffer every time. I will introduce the popular gifts which make girls really happy.

Face lotion

Needless to say … the royal road. Begging rate No.1.


Whitening cosmetics

Whitening … in Vietnam! ? You might think so, but Vietnamese women, especially young age are longing to white skin. They care skin well, good quality cosmetic which has the name of whitening is a popular gift.



… Fragrance depends on a person, but you and me, there is a very rare girl familiar with perfume. So, you don’t need prepare so famous brand perfume.


Ethnic key holder

・・・I recommend this why is cheap and can buy in your Airport.


Your country’s money

・・・If you couldn’t prepare anything, your country’s money will help you. But should not give so cheap money. They will disappoint you. If you have 2US dollar, it’s best way because it is lucky item among young people of Vietnam.


Your country’s pasty

・・・It is a souvenir of the classic.



・・・Needless to say. Vietnamese girls relly want is this. Note 1 point. You have to prepare SIM free type.

Or more. how about this page? They are not pricey thing, if have time, let’s prepare for them. You might see a pretty smile of girls.


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