How to get on a taxi reliable safely of Hanoi, Vietnam

How to get on a taxi reliable safely of Hanoi, Vietnam

Let’s learn how to find a good taxi, how to tell the destination and about Taxi meter.

The following taxi company is safe because large and famous.

From Noi Bai airport ~ To Center of Hanoi city

Airport taxi doesn’t use Taxi meter, because from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi taxi’s fee is flat fee. After you go out from airport gate, you can see Taxi stop in front of you. There is signboad which is wrote down Taxi fee so you should check before ride on Taxi.
It is about 30 minutes to Hanoi city to arrive, but it takes 1 hour if you want to go to old town.
As you know it often happens terrible traffic jam in Vietnam. If you meet traffic jam, you will spend 1h30min.
(Also you should consider that the immigration and check-in is crowded in vacation season, it may take an hour or more.)

{As reference information of August 2013, To Hanoi city from Noi Bai Airport is $ 17 ~ $ 20 / 350,000 ~ 400,000 vnd about. The price will change 5 seater or 7 seater}}
{※Note. Normally, when you go back to Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi city, fare is different. Return is $ 12 ~ $ 15 / 250,000 ~ 300,000 vnd about. I recommend check to the hotel reception in advance.}

・Airport Taxi

・Noibai Taxi

・Mai Linh Taxi

Taxi to move the Hanoi city

You can use the meter when you catch the taxi in the city. Reading the meter, please refer to the article below.
{As of August 2013, minimum fare of taxi(the same fare also one km per) is 12,000 ~ 15,000 vnd is rate as reference information, but price is different in type wagon or compact car.}

・Hanoi Taxi

・Mai Linh Taxi

・Taxi CP

How to ride a taxi and how to tell the destination

[How to ride a taxi]
You can catch taxi anywhere If you raise your hand. Please ride be careful around. (In front of a large hotel, Taxi have been waiting almost). If a Taxi that is decorate interior or exterior and dirty have parked in front of you, you should not get on that taxi, like these Taxi make problem to you sometimes. (ex. Customized meter etc)

[How to tell the destination]
It is to show paper or shop card, a guide book which the address is written.
Pronunciation impossible is not transmitted, the person who is showing early.
Incorrect pronunciation will make you more difficult situation, so it’s earlier to show address.

[When you want to stop immediately]
If you feel the taxi is lost way or driver is dangerous, should let driver parking.
You can say 「stop! stop!」. They can understand ‘stop’.

[Customized meter!?]
When you move in Hanoi city, It is less than 200,000 vnd even if far away (about 18 km). If the meter is more expensive, you would rather wondering way is incorrect or meters are customized.

[Dangerous driver]
There are many drivers who do not know the way or driving is dizzy. If you’ve caught Those drivers, I recommend to change other taxi quickly. They never discount, even if it the wrong way.

How to check the meter

Let’s check the meter there is the front of the passenger seat.
You can see the some red digital meter, the biggest numbers are fare.
Small digital numbers show mileage and stop time.

The meter has been omitted two digits Vietnamese Dong.
So the numbers add two “0″ to a number is taxi current fare.

The biggest number in the upper-left corner of the photo above shows 11.0.
That means 11.000VND.
(※Note “.” Is not the point)

At the end

Taxi has own number on the window glass of front and rear.
If you are in trouble about taxi, you can call to Taxi company. At that time you’ll probably need taxi company name and this number.
They have english speakers.
(But you should not expect so much…)

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